Connecting you to your beautiful self with Yoga & Mindfulness

Looking for a creative Vinyasa class to stretch your body and boost your energy? A relaxing Yin or Nidra session to settle your mind? Wanna support a healthy pregnancy and empowered birth with Prenatal Yoga & Mindfulness classes? 

I’ve got you covered. 😉


Online Classes: Peace in the Pandemic

We can practice yoga and mindfulness anytime, anywhere! I normally lead in-person yoga classes, workshops and retreats from my home in Hoi An, Vietnam. But the past year has brought new opportunities to connect with people around the world. Always a silver lining, right?!

So if you’re feeling stressed or anxious (because you’re only human!), check out my online classes – and start creating some pockets of calm. 


Our bodies are designed to move! My flow classes focus on building strength and improving flexibility, in a gentle way. Enjoy seated, standing and balancing postures to help you feel good – in mind, body and spirit. 

For all levels

Prenatal Yoga

Helping mamas create space, ease tension and prevent stiffness, particularly in the back, hips and pelvis. Connect with your baby and learn breathing exercises / poses to help you in labour. 

For expectant mamas 
(14+ weeks)

Yin Yoga

A slower class (we hold seated poses for 3–5 minutes), yin helps to ease injury and promote flexibility in the ‘fascia’ (connective tissue). It’s a quiet, meditative practice, an ideal way to slow down and relax.

For all levels

Yoga Nidra

This guided lying-down meditation helps you let go of the conscious mind and journey into your subconsciousness. Set positive intentions within the deepest level of relaxation and sleep like a happy baby!

For all levels

An hour of self-care could change your entire week. So be kind to yourself – and those around you – and book a class today!


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